Cody Wojasinski

Cody Wojasinski

Owner Cody Wojasinski gives solid advice for others considering a business in the Huntsville area.

Rocket Valley Home Inspections in Huntsville and Beyond

Today Rocket Valley Home Inspections celebrates one year of service to the residential real estate market in Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Guntersville and surrounding areas. Rocket Valley offers a unique proposition, providing a one-stop shop for all residential inspection needs, including home, pool and irrigation inspections, as well as radon testing. Rocket Valley also has other services that make them stand out as a home inspection service. For example, for booking convenience, an online scheduling service enables clients to make appointments and choose the time that suits their needs. As an added bonus, Rocket Valley gives up-front pricing, and pay-at-close options. Customers receive their reports the same day as the inspection, and are encouraged to be present for the inspection. According to owner Cody Wojasinski, this is another quality that sets Rocket Valley apart.

Since opening its doors in July 2021, the business has grown just a handful of clients to a thriving business. Wojasinki served the inspection needs of new and existing home owners in South Alabama for several years before moving his business north. His advice to any newcomer to business ownership, especially those opening up in an entirely new area, is to “make friends. Network with as many people and business owners as you can, and through those relationships will come, not only business referrals, but also valuable coaching and advice,” he said. “Most businesses share
some fundamental truths, regardless of the industry. While there are many books and courses out there, the perspectives and insights on the local market from other entrepreneurs may just be the most valuable information you could obtain.”

Wojasinki went on to say that, although he has experienced his share of ups and downs during this first year, he would recommend business ownership to anyone planning their career path. “Nothing can beat the freedom that comes with ownership and running your business your way. You don’t have to convince anyone else. Just do it. How well you do is a direct result of the effort you put in. And, having your own business gives you control over your time, so you can make sure you achieve a healthy work/life balance.

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