take charge of our schedule

Rocket Valley Home Inspections Realtor Portal

We understand the frustration of trying to get ahold of someone when time is of the essence. We give every real estate agent their own personal dashboard. What does it do? It gives you control of our schedule! Check our availability and reserve a timeslot with your favorite home inspector for your clients from your phone in seconds. Never deal with issues due to missed windows during the option period. Just give us a text or email requesting your dashboard and we will text you the link. Then all you have to do is save it to your home screen and your all set! 

Give us a call or text at 256-519-0960 to request your portal and learn what more we can do for you!

why us?

What makes us different?

We want you to feel confident that we will walk your client through the inspection process the way you have been walking them through the purchase process. We provide a thorough report with photos and narratives in an easy to read format that doesn’t add any confusion or frustration to the worry your client is likely already experiencing. Our reports and reporting methods stay standard no matter whether the client is buying the home site unseen, an investor, a first-time buyer, or an experienced one. We go above and beyond for every single one of our clients so that neither the client, nor you have to worry about this portion of the transaction. We are always available through email or phone to speak with both you and your clients. 

 We understand that real-estate is an emotionally driven business of people. We are experienced instructors with the ability to recognize when what is being said is not being understood so that we can change our delivery approach. This alone resolves a lot of confusion and frustration through this process.  With proper understanding the reports seem less daunting and your clients can take a logical vs emotional look at the condition of the home to make the best decisions possible. We understand our role in the transaction. It is our job to report and educate on the material facts surrounding the homes condition, not advise on whether to buy the home, or what repairs to negotiate as that is legally outside of our scope and profession.  

Give us a call or text at 256-519-0960 to request your portal and learn what more we can do for you and your clients!