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Make sure your house is in the best possible condition before the buyer discovers any problems

Should you get a pre-listing inspection?

A pre-inspection is a home inspection arranged for by the seller before listing the house for sale.

The pre-inspection allows the seller to fix-up issues that would come up in the buyer’s inspection at closing, putting them in a position of strength during negotiations.

Pre-listing inspections can take away the stressful element of surprise for the homeowner. It also helps prevent offer renegotiation’s, extensive buyer repair requests, and the possibility of buyers walking away while already in contract.

Get ahead of repairs

Common home repairs can take weeks to months to book and complete. A pre-listing home inspection gives you time to compare contractors and tackle repairs without the pressure of a buyer threatening to walk away from the sale.

With a pre-listing home inspection, you beat the buyer to the punch by completing (or at least acknowledging) these repairs ahead of time.

Why should you consider a pre-listing home inspection?

  • You have deferred maintenance: If you’re aware of maintenance issues and haven’t tended to them properly, it’s a good idea to inspect your home before listing.
  • A quick sale is your top priority: If you need to sell your home ASAP, a pre-listing home inspection might be worth it, so you know you’ve done everything in your power to speed up the process.
  • You’re marketing your home as a “fixer-upper”: Buyers looking for a fixer-upper need to estimate total repair costs. Without conducting a pre-listing inspection, buyers may low-ball you to get a deal on a home that needs an undetermined amount of work.
  • You’re selling the home remotely: If you live far away from the property you’re selling and haven’t kept tabs on its condition, a pre-listing home inspection can help you get up to speed and set an accurate listing price.

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